Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I finally played fútbol

My current roommates


So this week we got a new MTC president (President Brady). He's a really nice guy and definitely still learning exactly how to do things, but he'll become an amazing president. His wife knows zero Spanish and she always looks kind of terrified due to the language, but she's very spiritual and she will fill the shoes of Hermana Doll quite nicely.
My companion is progressing a bit in the language but still struggling. I'm trying my best to let him talk 50-50 in our lessons and I think that's helped him a lot!

Here is a rundown of this week in the MTC.
We were practicing the invitation to attend church with two other elders by first pretending we were the investigators and then later switching roles and becoming the missionaries. We were the investigators for ten minutes and the missionary I was teaching with had his eyes closed at times and didn't say much. Later, we gave feedback and began teaching them. About halfway into our lesson I was sharing a scripture and the missionary who had had his eyes closed gave me a look and said "what are you doing... we're the investigators". He either fell completely asleep, or just wasn't following the conversation, but it was a very classic moment. Another one happened when we were teaching a lesson and a missionary wanted to give the investigator (not a real investigator) a Book of Mormon. This missionary didn't realize I had one for her, so I told her he had one on his "bike" and he went sprinting down the hall to find one. Our teacher, who was trying to stay in character just started cracking up.

So another interesting experience was a couple nights ago me and a couple other guys were in another room talking with some Elders in the room next door. The topic of conversation at one point became repentance and different roads we've taken to get to this point. I was blown away by all the challenges people had dealt with in their lives, especially the addictions. Some Elders had really struggled with addictions to pornography, cigarettes, other drugs, alcohol, and other various struggles. I never would have guessed. They all said that they could testify that they knew the Atonement was real. These people overcame all kinds of things to be here and I'm so proud of them. They all said they wouldn't trade away a single day here for any of their previous addictions. I don't know who reads this, but if there's anyone who needs to take steps of repentance, or who isn't sure if they should go on a mission, I know that it is possible and I know that's the best thing you can do for your life. It's never too late.

 Also I finally played fútbol with the Latinos and got a hat trick!! They thought my soccer jersey was super funny because of the celebration dance the guy does (the actual player whose jersey I was wearing).

I'm excited for my 5th week and I'm praying for you!!


Elder Birrell

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