Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January 5, 2016 - Too many questions

In my letter to Seth, I asked him a bunch of questions. Most of Seth's email this first week was answering those questions. Here you go: 

1. How many missionaries did you meet up with in Atlanta?
I met up with 7 elders and 2 sisters in Atlanta and as in turns out, 7 of them (the gringo elders ) are in my district!!! They're great and over time Ill tell you about each of them.

2. Did everything go okay at the airport in Santiago?
Everything went great at the airport! At the immigration thing the guy didn't know any english, but I haven't been deported so it must have been okay!!!

3. How is your MTC companion?
My MTC companion is this short little guy from Idaho. He doesn't know any Spanish and I mean ANY. I decided that my biggest goal while here at the MTC is to help him speak and teach in Spanish as best he can, so I let you know how that goes!! (His name is Elder Ricks by the way).

4. How are your teachers? Do they speak English?
My teachers are so amazing. I absolutely love all of them. Hermano Meneses is the most obedient and humble guy I've ever met and he inspires me to be the same. Hermano Antileo is also one of the smartest and Christlike people that I've met, and Hermana Perez is just so so so awesome, she's like a mom to us. I could listen to her voice all day long. And yeah! They are all pretty fluent! But they all speak slow enough when they do speak Spanish that I can understand them!

5. How is the food? What is your favorite food so far?
The food is pretty bland but I also like it because its not crazy! We eat some variation of meat, rice, and potatoes every day! My favorite was they day they had ravioli! 

6. How are your classes going?
My classes are awesome and we are currently "teaching" two progressing investogators right now. Marcos, and Felipe! They are based off of real investigators of our teachers when they were missionaries! I think its so cool how they teach the missionaries. We don't really learn much doctrine or lessons here. Its more just how do we connect and understand these people and their needs on a deeper level.

7. Did we forget to pack anything?
I think we got everything!!

8.How are you dealing with the heat?
I'm mostly indoors so it's not really too hot!!! 

9. How are you doing?
I love the latinos here. They're so nice and they talk to me even though I'm not great at Spanish (I'm easily the best first week gringo though!!). My favorite is Elder Loisotto from Argentina and also Elder Lopez from Argentina and Elder Antaya from Chile. They're my homies! 

I gotta go. Have a great week!

Elder Birrell
This is the view from my room!! The MTC is next to the temple in Santiago.

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