Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New Teachers

Elder Loisotto and I!!! (My good friend from Argentina)
We have new teachers and they're also super awesome. My morning teacher is Hermano Lemartine and he's great. He's always smiling and his lessons have been really helpful. Also, he's currently on The Voice (Latino Version) so hopefully we'll hear him sing sometime soon. He sang with David Archuleta while they were both serving in Rancagua so he must be really good. Also, he sang some songs for the Spanish EFY music. The progressing investigator (not a real one, just the teacher acting it out) we are currently teaching is named Matias and he has a severe alcohol and drug addiction so I'll let you know how that one goes.
Me and Hermano Meneses (My favorite teacher)
Our afternoon teacher is Hermana Jimenez and she's also pretty cool, but she doesn't know any English so that's interesting. The progressing investigator with her is named Priscilla and she's super curious about everything. He's had a really rough life. Our night teacher's name is Hermano Diaz and he's amazing. It's too bad the night teachers don't teach every night (sometimes we just prepare for lessons and teach or just study). I'm learning a ton and I almost feel ready for the mission field! My Spanish is improving as well. Four of my roommates are Latino and we communicate pretty well so that's definitely progress.

The days feel like weeks (we work from 7 AM until 10 PM minus our 40 minutes of basketball every day), but the weeks feel like days (I feel like the last time I wrote was yesterday).

Inside prank from my district- we switched the suit jackets of my companion (5 foot 3) and our district leader (6 foot 1) because they look pretty much the same and they haven't noticed yet! For my companion the suit jacket looks like a giant cape and the suit jacket the district leader is wearing looks like a t-shirt. I crack up every time I see it. I'll let you know when they figure it out. :)
My roommates the first two weeks.
 ALSO there's a huge missionary broadcast for all the missionaries on Wednesday. The last time they did a broadcast like this was in 2004, so that's really exciting!

I miss you all so much and it makes me super happy that you're all doing well, I've been praying for you everyday!!!


Elder Birrell

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