Monday, February 8, 2016

Feb. 2, 2016- One week left

My District
Dang IT'S CRAZY I only have a week left!!! I'm not sure if Ill be able to email next week, so I'll have plenty to say in the next email. So in my district, 6 Elders are actually going to Santiago Norte (My mission) and 2 are going to Sur (south). We are all getting along pretty well even though virtually none of us have anything in common, especially Elder Ricks and I. But we work together really well and he's really easy to be around so it's been really good! We didn't switch around the teachers much for these last two weeks so things have been more or less the same. 
Our basketballs were stolen so we haven't gotten to play in a while, so I started trying to legitimately work out. I also haven't eaten any of the bread (amazing bread, all I ate when I got here) in the past four weeks and I've actually lost ten pounds! (back to normal weight) Also did I tell you I got the greenie package a few weeks ago? I may not have said anything, but just yesterday I found the letter in the bottom so it finally made sense!! [Kathy sent a package with various treats that were all green, he ate it all before he saw the note and put it all together] That package was awesome though so thank you!!!! We have new roommates too and this time there are only four of us total which is so much less stressful in the mornings when usually 6 people have to shower and get dressed in 35 minutes with only one shower! Some Latinos are trying to learn English, so one of the most fun things for me here is trying to teach the Latinos English! A lot of them already know a bunch just from American video games, music, and movies.

Last night I come to my room and the Latinos decided that we would play a game to see who would do the weekly cleaning today. So the game was, the last one to jump into bed had to do all the cleaning. So he said go and we all jumped into our beds, only they tricked me and took out the support beams in my bed and I fell straight through onto the floor :) The Latinos in my room laughed for a good 20 minutes about that one. Also, on Sundays here at the MTC,we all prepare talks, but then only a few get chosen to speak and this Sunday was my lucky day! I talked about Repentance and thankfully I was prepared (I think it went well).
Me getting punked by my roomates!
One video we watched this week that I'd recommend is Missionary Work and The Atonement.
Talk (write) to you in two weeks!!!

Elder Birrell

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