Friday, February 12, 2016

Feb. 9, 2016- At the Mission Home in Santiago!

With President and Sister Videla
 ¡Hola padres y hermanos! So, I made it to the mission home safely and now I’m just chillin here writing this letter. This past week was really awesome for me as I felt really focused on the work. We went out contacting on Thursday and it felt awesome to be a missionary for a few hours! I could kind of understand what they were saying and I think I was mostly able to express myself! Hopefully we made some impact on someone’s life. Then on Friday we actually went out proselyting in Santiago Este. I tagged along with a couple Elders, one of which roomed with me during the first two weeks at the MTC. We didn’t have any lessons, which was disappointing, but it was awesome to get a taste of how those missionaries contacted. They were very direct with people and it was way different than I expected, probably coming from the US where people don’t really talk to other people it threw me off a bit. I love the people here, I just can’t wait until the day I can understand them. They say Chileans have their own language and thus far I would have to agree.
New missionaries arriving at the mission home in Santiago
            I’d have to say the biggest thing I’ve taken away from the MTC is that I just need to put all my faith in Christ. I know He’ll help me so I don’t feel nervous at all right now. I’ve also gained a way deeper appreciation for the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. My head is definitely in the right place, I even forgot the Super Bowl was a couple days ago until just now! Was Peyton Manning QB?  I hope you’re all doing amazing and I’m still praying for you every night! I don’t know who my companion is nor do I know which area I’ll be serving in. I’d like to think there’s a chance I could get paired up with Elder Williams, but I’ll let you know! Have a fantastic week!
Elder Birrell

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