Friday, February 12, 2016

Feb. 9, 2016- First Area: Rosende

Me at the Santiago, Chile Temple

SURPRISE I do get a few minutes to write which is super exciting!!! I met my companion today and his name is Elder Smith. He´s been out here for 21 months and he was actually in the same MTC district as Elder Williams! (Seth and Elder Williams are friends and from the same ward in Bothell) Also I met Elder Williams´s MTC companion and one of his Easter Island companions  and he let me talk to Elder Williams on the phone for a couple minutes! We´re going to try to play some fútbol together soon, so that should be fun.
Selfie with my trainer Elder Smith

So Elder Smith is from Lehi, Utah and he went to Utah State for a year before coming out on his mission. He´s pretty tall and super nice and I can tell we´re going to get along great! He talks more or less just like a Chilean at this point (not sure if that's a good thing) and that'll be awesome practice for me to learn!
We visited our house and I like it a lot! Rumor is there´s a drug dealer that lives just across our street, but I'm sure he's a nice guy too. We are serving in the Rosende Area and Elder Smith seems to like it a lot. It's on the poorer end overall but I've loved every second of it so far (I haven't stopped smiling yet). We´ve visited with one person so far and it was just like a quick 10 minute check in but it was cool and I actually understood everything (the gist) that was said! I'm so excited to plan with him tonight and learn about our investigators and plans to best serve them and their needs.  I'm super happy and focused right now and I just can't wait to have a full day out here. This will be nothing like I've ever experienced, I can already tell. I pray for you guys every day and I'm so glad you're all doing well. 
My roommates for the past 2 weeks. Elders Yustes, Reyes, and Ricks
My last days at the MTC we´re awesome and I'll definitely look back on those days fondly. I can't wait to tell you about all the adventures and experiences of the first week! Have an amazing week!!
Elder Birrell

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