Thursday, February 25, 2016

Feb. 23, 2016- Sunscreen in February

My companion showing off all our healthy food!

So it's super hot right now in Chile and everyone here seems to not like it, but I love it. Maybe I just like the smell of sunscreen in February, who knows. Also I still haven't gotten sick, just to let you know. 
So this week was super slow at the beginning, not many people were available for lessons, and no one was really receptive. It was kind of discouraging for a bit and one of the days our shower had to get tiled and then we finished building the roof on a lady's home, so we literally only had an hour of proselyting time, which was really frustrating. Fortunately, the end of the week ended perfectly! Jorge came to church (to our surprise) we thought he was going to be too sick, but in the middle of sacrament meeting we saw him limp on in! Then later on that Sunday we just started finding a bunch of really awesome people.
Playing soccer on p-day
We found a Peruvian family that was super receptive and I'm excited to teach them. We brought their 16 year old son out to play soccer today and he's super nice! We found another couple who had been inactive for the past 6 months but really wants to come back to church! Then we found a couple who was also really receptive and we talked to them at the door for about an hour! The next day we had 6 lessons and they were all super awesome! One was with a guy we found at the Family Home Evening we put on and that lesson was crazy. He told us he had a dream in which we were in it and the word Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ kept coming up somehow. Then when we prayed with him he told us he recognized that way of praying from his dream too. He was super nice and I can't wait to teach him again. We also found a super receptive lady who actually lived in the states for a while and has family who live in Utah right now. We also got to teach an old lady (95 years old) who's a member, but too old to come to church. It was a awesome past couple days with new opportunities popping up everywhere. I'm really excited and I can't wait to get to know these people better!
Elder Birrell

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