Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I almost had to eat tomatoes this week!!!

Hi Familia!
I'm doing awesome!!! Fresh off cleaning our house last week, we decided we were going to work even harder this week, especially with our current contacts and that's exactly what we did! In fact one day we had the most lessons we've ever had in a single day (8) and they were all super awesome. A bit of sad news though, we learned at one of those lessons that one of our most interested investigators is moving back to Peru for 2 months, so Elder Smith had to say goodbye to him - Since he will be home before he returns from Peru. Hopefully when he comes back I'll be able to reconnect with him. Also, Jorge (the elderly guy) who has been super sick recently such that we haven't been able to pass by for a couple weeks told us that he was too sick to progress any further/talk with us/attend church. He was more or less ready to be baptized for a while, but my companion wanted to be sure that he'd attend church after his baptism so he kept delaying the baptism date. When he told us that we couldn't come by any more my companion described the experience as kind of like breaking up with a girlfriend.

Sandra and her family are doing super well. They are loving reading the Book of Mormon and 3 of them showed a lot of interest in being baptized within the next month or two, which is crazy compared to just a few weeks back.

Andony Joseph has been going to seminary every day and he always comes to church with us. He's kind of becoming like our little brother which is super awesome.

We were anticipating some problems with the Word of Wisdom with Mario but he decided he's all in with it. He says he doesn't understand the reasoning behind not drinking tea, but he knows that it's what God wants for him. He's getting baptized this Sunday and we're super excited for him! Every time we talk to him, it uplifts US spiritually. When we taught the Law of Chastity I think he gave his testimony on the subject more than we did.

We also performed with the choir at Stake conference and it was actually way awesome! I never thought I'd like singing in the choir, but I loved it. We sang "Señor, Te Necesito"  (I Need Thee Every Hour) at the beginning of the conference and the song kind up built up to a line- "Te Necesito, Sí, Mi Salvador" and wow it was just way powerful.

I almost had to eat tomatoes this week!! We were in the home of a hermana in our ward and I assume she would get offended if I didn't eat her food. Thankfully she went to the bathroom at one point so I could spoon the tomatoes onto my companion's place. (It was a close call)
We also went to the temple again today and I have to say it was my favorite time I've every gone! We're going again in one week.

I'm doing great and we're getting super excited for General Conference in a couple weeks!

Talk to you next week!

Elder Birrell
 At the temple
My first Zone leader going home

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