Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Keep a good attitude

This week was super awesome and we definitely stepped it up and worked even harder than usual. One day was especially rough though. We contacted and tried to visit with a ton of people (many of which we had appointments with) but literally NO ONE let us in the whole day. That day we were super focused and for some reason we just never got down. My companion kept saying this will all pay off in the night. I thought that was because we were going to have a lesson with Mario (an awesome investigator) that night, so at least we had that. Then, of course he had to cancel on us at the last minute. At 7:15 PM we were about to enter a house with someone we had an appointment with at 7:00 when we got a call from the lady. She told us that she had been waiting for us for the past 15 minutes and that she was worried that we wouldn't be able to pass by. We told her that we were just outside her house and then she came out and let us in. The previous time we left her the Restoration pamphlet and not only had she read it, she had STUDIED it. She just started talking about all the things she liked and asking about all the things she didn't understand and the spirit was SO STRONG in that room. We didn't even get to pray at the beginning of the lesson she was so excited to learn. At the end of the lesson we asked if we could leave with a prayer and she immediately knelt down without us saying anything. My companion prayed and then she decided she had to say another prayer and she then prayed for us and our health and our families. This lesson was so amazing and so unexpected, I guess we just need to keep a good attitude and work hard and opportunities like this just present themselves.

In other news, we had a broadcast this Sunday and it was super good! We didn't sing too poorly in the choir and we got to listen to Russell M Nelson... in SPANISH! We didn't know he could speak any Spanish but it was awesome to hear him and his message for everyone in Chile in his own voice and not a translator. 

Today we moved everything in the house and cleaned for the entirety of P-day. We decided that, although the house wasn't super dirty, we wanted it to be cleaner and more organized. The spirit really is stronger in clean places and I can't wait to see how our new set up works! We have a busy week up ahead but I'm excited!!!
Miss you all and hope you have an amazing week!
Elder Birrell

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