Thursday, March 10, 2016

March 8, 2016- AAALLOOOOOO

The beginning of Seth's email is answering a few of my questions. I asked him how he and his companion do most of their contacting, do they knock on doors or just start talking to people on the street. The other question I asked him was if he does a lot of singing with investigators. When Seth was young he HATED to sing. From his email it sounds like he'll be able to make up for lost time!!

So, something different here is that you can't technically "knock" on doors because everyone has huge fences in front. Generally, you have to yell out "AAALLOOOOOO" and then if the person is home they generally come out. This is how we do the majority of the contacts, but sometimes we also just talk to people in the streets.

We do sing quite often with investigators and the missionaries in my zone (there are only 12 missionaries) are in the stake choir and we are singing this weekend for a broadcast and also for stake conference in two weeks. (I didn't realize singing would be so hard with a choir). 
I've been listening to a lot of the devotionals that dad has sent me and I feel the same way. We're so lucky to have a prophet of God right now on the earth, I think sometimes we might take that for granted.

Here are some highlights from this week.

  • I got the package!!! It's torture because Easter is so far away but I'll resist the temptation to eat the candy for now. I also got a package from my BYU Ward! Thank you to all of you involved in that, that was so awesome!!!!
  • One of our investigators named Jorge (who was ready to be baptized a month or so ago) has been super sick and we haven't been able to pass by in over a week, which is really sad.
  • Mario (another investigator) got married this Saturday! He's such a spiritual person and me and my companion just feel the spirit super strong whenever we teach him. Our next challenge will be in helping him overcome a few things and to really apply the Atonement in his life. I know he can do it, though. He loves the Book of Mormon and he's told us there's just something different about it that he can't explain.
  • The big family that we've been working with is really progressing now and we're super excited about that. We read the Book of Mormon with them pretty much every night and it's awesome when the grandma (Sandra) talks about her testimony. She's not an active member, but she still has a really strong testimony of the gospel and I can tell that everyone is growing. They're coming to church every week now and I'm super hopeful for where they're going.
  • We've also been working a bunch with a Peruvian family, especially with their 16 year old kid named Antony Joseph. He's awesome and has come to church with us the past two weeks. We're trying to get him involved with the youth programs because there are a few other 16 year olds that are pretty similar to him in interests. The mom had a birthday on Sunday and she invited us to her birthday lunch! It was literally just the family, the other people that live with them, and us.
  • We went to the Temple this morning and it was awesome! We have already booked a time to go in two weeks as well.

All is well, here in Santiago! Talk to you next week!!
Elder Birrell

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