Monday, April 18, 2016

April 12. 2016- Zone Conference

On Thursday we had our first Zone conference! It was really weird seeing so many missionaries in one place, but it was also fun and I learned a lot. It's also weird because everyone seemed to know everyone and I only knew the people in my Zone, but I got to know some of the missionaries there. It's also still super tiring for me having to listen to Spanish all day long, but I understand pretty much all (at least the meaning) at this point which is awesome. No estoy tan perdido :) We were also able to prepare Mario for confirmation/receiving the Holy Ghost this week and he was confirmed on Sunday. While he is a very new member, based on the things he says one would think he's been a member for a long time. He bore his testimony on Sunday and was one of the most active participants in Sunday school and priesthood classes. He's also reading the Book of Mormon every day and thinks deeply about ways in which he can be better and repent. He absolutely loves the feeling of being free from sin and he honestly inspires us to be better.

My companion now has 4 weeks left on his misión and he's dreading going back home, but we're doing well and we're excited to see what this week has to offer!!

Elder Birrell

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