Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April 5, 2016- General Conference

View from our house!
Seth and his companion have been able to go to the temple in Santiago the past few weeks on p-day and so I asked him how they got there. They don't ride bikes in their area because they will get stolen.

So to get to the temple you actually have to leave at 12 AM the night before and walk all night and you get there in the morning. Nah just kidding. There's actually a bus that comes by pretty close to where we live and drops us off right in front of the temple (it's only like an hour long bus ride)! We walk almost everywhere unless we are going somewhere like the temple, mission office, a hike, or some other meeting.
I told him about the amazing weather we have been having in Seattle.
I think we traded weather!!! Our weather went from super hot to kind of cold super fast this week and for the first time since I've been here it actually rained today! We were able to watch all of General Conference. The gringo missionaries got to have our own room in the stake center to watch General Conference in English!! It was a super amazing weekend even though we weren't able to work very much. I think I was actually more excited for General Conference than I ever was for a Seahawks playoff game, and the BEST part is that there's no way to lose in General Conference!! Priesthood session was actually at 9:00pm our time so we just watched it live in the Stake Center! Sister Oscarson's talk definitely stood out to me too and of course Elder Holland finishing off conference was just perfect. I think the best thing about conference in the mission is that there's no distractions from immediately putting what I learned and felt into practice! When I was watching I didn't have to think about all the homework I hadn't started and the day after conference I had a ton of opportunities to apply what I had learned. 

Chilean Spanish lesson of the day.

So normally in Spanish the tú form (you informal) is as such

you talk - hablas
you are -  estás    

but here they change it. They take the vosotros form (you all) and then cut off the "s"

hablaí   estaí (said like etaí)

Thanks for the Easter package. The chocolate in the package actually didn't melt! In my next package I want some cracked pepper sunflower seeds! I'm counting down the days to Mother's Day too!!! 
Miss you and love you!

Elder Birrell (or Vraaal as the kids on our street say it)

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