Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

HI Familia!!! 

SKYPE WAS SO AWESOME! I think I might even want to do it again! (for Christmas) I didn't even really talk in Spanish with you guys!!! Next time I'll only talk in Spanish, so you better get practicing!! For some people, talking to their family is a distraction, but for me, you guys are motivation!

I wasn't able to see the Williams, but I saw Scott again at changes. I got the package from you guys!!!!! Muchas Gracias!!!  My new companion, Elder Cuadrado, is really cool! He's from Argentina and he talks with the Argentine accent- "sho me shamo Elder Cuadrado" instead of "yo me llamo Elder Cuadrado". SO far we've worked super well together but he's actually going to Easter Island on Friday so I'll be companions with the missionary that's returning from Easter Island (a missionary from Brazil). 

It was sad to have to say goodbye to my trainer, Elder Smith, but it's also a necessary step in my learning process as a missionary. I get to lead the sector for as long as my comp isn't used to the sector, so it's been fun! A little scary, but still fun! I'm loving being a leader. It's just far more fulfilling, it's harder but better. I'm sure I'm failing in many ways, but I trust as I continue to do absolutely everything I can, it'll be ok. I'm so grateful I've been blessed with such great companions and for all that I've learned from them. Other than that I can't really remember what happened this week, so I´ll talk to you next week!!

I love you mom and I hope you really did have an amazing mothers day!!!


Elder Birrell

Elder Williams last day as a missionary
New Companion - Elder Cuadrado
Happy Mother's Day!!

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