Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Well, this week was crazy again and AGAIN I got special changes.

On Saturday my Chilean companion Elder Carreño left and then on Sunday, Presidente Videla called us and told us that Elder Kelsey would be leaving to finish the training of a missionary because his trainer wasn't focused on the mission. He then asked if I was ready to be compañero mayor (Senior Companion) and Elder Kelsey said yes. So now I'm in a sector I don't know with a companion that isn't very focused and I'm the senior companion.

Other than that this week was great! It was super fun being in a trio for a week. We worked hard and had a lot of fun doing it. I also ate sushi twice this week and it turns out that it's actually way good. Not all Sushi is just seaweed and raw fish! We got a type called tempura and it was super good (chicken). 

As for the investigators in this sector there aren't too many but there are some. We are working with a family that attended all three hours of church on Sunday and they loved it. They said they expected something a lot weirder, but they said something that I loved. They said there's a ton of hours in the week and by sacrificing just three hours to God, their whole week will be better. They're a super super cool family and I believe they'll be baptized someday for sure. We're also working with a couple of kids who have a lot of support from her mom, but she can't be baptized yet because her boyfriend is still working through the divorce process with his wife. Her two sons (Jhon, 15 and Christian, 14) have been through a ton in their short lives, but the gospel is helping them a ton and they'll be getting baptized pretty soon. We also found a Haitian that doesn't speak any Spanish but speaks OK English and we starting working with him.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed but I know that everything will be okay. I just have to learn a little bit everyday and know the sector and the people a little bit more everyday. With my Heavenly Father on my side I know this is possible and this will teach me a lot about what I really can do as I put my whole confidence in Him.

Have an amazing week!

Elder Birrell

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