Tuesday, May 17, 2016

What a CRAZY week!!

I had an absolutely CRAZY week and to be honest I'm completely drained mentally and emotionally. I've had 9 companions in 10 days now which sounds crazy but I'll explain how this all went down. It started not this past Friday but the Friday before that.

Friday- Elder Smith went to the temple as is the tradition of missionaries that are leaving, there were also some classes and stuff for them and so I went and worked with a Zone leader from a nearby zone for the day

Saturday-Sunday I was with Elder Smith and everyone knew he was leaving so he said goodbye to everyone.

Monday-Wednesday- I was with Elder Cuadrado, it was a super good learning experience for me and I learned a ton. I was in charge of all the planning and stuff because I knew the sector and I actually really loved it.
Thursday- I woke up just before 5AM and went with Elder Harrison (the mission secretary) to the airport to drop off Elder Cuadrado so he could fly to Easter Island, and then he took me back to my area and then I brought some of my stuff over to the sector right next to ours and I was in a trio with two elders- Elder Christiansen and Elder Kilcollins.
Friday- I was still with Elder Christiansen and Elder Kilcollins.
Saturday- Elder Fortunato arrived from Easter Island! He`s Brazilian and a really awesome missionary FULL of energy. I was excited to finally be with the comp I was going to stay with for a time. 
Sunday- Still with Elder Fortunato- I helped him get to know most of the members and most of the people that we're working with, super amazing day.
Monday- President calls us and says that were having special changes. He said I had to pack up my suitcases and that I needed to be ready in an hour. An hour later we made it to my new sector and realized what happened. A new Elder from Brazil had some kind of stress attack thing that made him super sick. He'd really been struggling with the language and some different stuff and had been unresponsive for 24 hours. They brought him to the hospital and I think he's better now. Now he and Elder Fortunato are in my old sector. I'm in a trio with a Chileno named Elder Carreño and a gringo named Elder Kelsey. Elder Carreño will only be here for like one week more and then he'll be going to Salt Lake City.

As I said, it's been an absolutely crazy week and I don't really know what to think. I truly felt at home in Rosende, I feel like I just left my family without even getting to say goodbye. I know there's something to be learned from this experience, but I just don't know what it is yet. I have complete trust that the Lord knows why and so I'll try to put even more trust in Him.

Please pray that I can get used to this sector fast!


Elder Birrell

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