Tuesday, May 3, 2016

"Yo soy Elder Smith"

So my companion goes home in 6 days now and that's all anyone wants to talk about with him (I think he just wants to forget about that fact and stay focused on the work). It's crazy how fast these weeks have gone by but I'm officially done with my training as a missionary. Does that make me a REAL missionary now? Maybe. Also I had the opportunity to lead the sector on Friday when we did interchanges with the Zone Leaders and I think I did okay! Something funny that happened though- my comp almost always starts the contacts, so I guess I had just gotten used to the first person that starts talking in the contact to say "Yo soy Elder Smith" and so without even thinking, I started out the first contact of interchanges by saying- "yo soy Elder Smith y éste es mi compañero". I didn't even notice, the Zone leader had to tell me what I just did.

Overall it was a good week, though! We're still working hard with our investigators and really trying to find new ones as well! Sandra, a less active member we're working with was assigned as the Gospel Principles teacher and we're excited to help her fulfill this responsibility! Mario continues to wow us as he bore his testimony again this Sunday and is now starting to fulfill his calling with the Young Men! Overall it was a good week and we're excited to finish off Elder Smith's mission strong!!!


Elder Birrell
(We get to talk to Seth on Mother's Day. We only get to talk/Skype with him twice a year, once on Mother's Day and the other day is Christmas. We are so excited!!)

One of our kittens (don't worry they live outside).

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