Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Good News and Bad News

This week has had it`s challenges as well, but also a week of many blessings and miracles. You want good news first or bad news?

So one morning was just terrible for me. My head was just in the wrong place and I almost felt like I couldn't even work. I wanted to just stay inside (I never had the intention of doing that but still) which is really weird for me because I hate being inside and not working. We weren't able to work that morning for some reason (I can't remember) and after lunch I prayed that God would give me the strength to realize this mission isn't for me and that I need to get over myself and get to work. The relief didn't come immediately after the prayer, but after I started to work, I probably contacted 50 people after lunch, just talking to everyone and I was filled with a love and compassion for the people that I had never before felt. 

Unfortunately, just as I had this experience, my companion turned quiet. He didn't do any contacts with me, he didn't respond to anything I said, he hardly acknowledged my existence. He didn't wake up for his exercises or studies and he didn't say anything as I planned for the day and for the week. I asked him how he was and what was up, but he didn't say anything. This was for about two days. Eventually he snapped out of it as if nothing even happened. I think God prepared me for that brief morning of suffering to help my companion in those two days. I imagine the Elder Birrell just a day before might have gotten frustrated, but I instead felt compassion for him. And my testimony and understanding of God`s love as well as the Atonement grew.

Miracle of the week- so we randomly passed by an investigator that hadn't received the missionaries in about 6 months. He never wanted to leave behind his Catholic beliefs and he didn't want to stop smoking or drinking either. In our visit he told us he had stop drinking completely and they just found out the day before that because of the health of his daughter he can't smoke anymore. Since that day he hasn't smoked once. He now has a desire to be baptized and to be sealed in the temple to his wife (who is a member). I was almost in shock as he told me all this. Actually for a second I thought I just didn't understand him (turns out I did).

Also on Sunday we had a lot of good luck in terms of people arriving. In the past weeks we haven't had any investigators attend, but on Sunday we had 15 less actives and 5 investigators come! I was so happy.

Anywho, we`re looking forward to another amazing and probably challenge filled week!

Elder Birrell

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