Tuesday, June 28, 2016


I had a super good week, so here are some of the highlights...

CHI CHI CHI LE LE LE VIVA CHILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Chileans go CRAZY about soccer here and there was added interest to the American Cup this year because we won it last year and this is the 100th year anniversary of the cup. During the last few games the streets absolutely shut down. Also everyone had a barbeque, so the smoke became so thick you could barely see anything, it was crazy but at least it smelled super good. You could say it was really hard to sleep that night with all the noise of celebration haha.

Since I officially have my ID card here I'm Chilean too (more or less ;)), so I certainly got caught up in my national pride a bit. I did make a funny realization though this week. I love Chile, but my favorite people here are the Haitians and my favorite food here is the Peruvian food. In my sector there are A LOT of Haitains and they all arrived within the past 10 months and hardly any of them know any Spanish and they all live really humbly, but they are so so so friendly. One of these Haitains is one of our investigators named Jeff. Jeff got here in April and he knows zero Spanish still but he actually does speak English pretty well. He has very little and basically lives in a warehouse with a bunch of other Haitians, but the other day he told us he wants to quit his job and find a new one so he can come to church every Sunday. He doesn't even understand what people are saying at church, but he says he just feels the spirit every time he goes and he wants that to be a part of his week every week. 

On Thursday there was an activity for the Primary kids in which all the organizations in the church acted out a modern version of parables that Jesus taught. The four missionaries in the ward acted out the Good Samaritan and we got into it pretty good. I mean, at least the Primary kids got a kick out of it.

Acting out the Good Samaritan for a ward activity
A week or so ago we were contacting people in the morning and we came across a guy who just recently had moved into that house. He also said he was about to get baptized, but then didn't because he didn't feel ready and then both missionaries left the area and he didn't have any more contact with the missionaries. On Saturday night we passed by again and met the whole family and they are all super nice people and super funny, when we got there they were installing some walls in the bathroom so we offered our 4 hands to come help them on Monday. Monday morning we ate a little breakfast at their house before starting and the mom described to us the circumstances that led to them moving and living there. So her daughter (who is 25) gave birth to a baby 4 months early and for that reason she was born super small and with a lot of health problems. She´s epileptic (severely it sounded) along with a lot of other problems that required a bunch of surgeries. They didn't have enough money to cover everything, so they started selling stuff. At first it was the cars (two of them) and then other house items and then finally as the problems continued they had to sell their house and buy a cheap, only partially constructed house (where they live now) As she described it, it was like falling from the sky to the earth in a small amount of time. They were pretty wealthy before (they had two cars and it's uncommon to own even one here) and now they have nothing. The cool part of the story is how the family changed through this experience. She said they weren't too close as a family before this and that they were actually on the verge of getting seperated, but now they've really come together as a family and also come closer to God. 

It was a good week and I'm looking forward to another week just like this!


Elder Birrell

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