Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Source of Hope

Nicolas was baptized!!

Nicolas was baptized on Sunday and it was so awesome!! It was amazing seeing the progression of the whole family. It started with the grandpa (Oscar) who has a really strong testimony of the truthfulness of these things and he really started everything. He just tells us the miracles they've seen that reinforce his faith and his desire to return to being an active member in the church. The first time we passed by there were two of their kids and the girlfriend of one of the sons (she´s not a member). We saw an honest desire in the son and daughter (both are about 25 years old) to have Jesus Christ more present in their lives, but not so much in the future wife of Oscar and the girlfriend of one of their kids. Through this process of preparing Nicolas for his baptism we´ve seen changes and progression in each one of them. The girlfriend of one of their kids now has the desire to be baptized and go to the temple to do the ordinances for her ancestors. 

The grandma (I talked about her in the last email) this week decided they won't work on Sunday anymore which was a HUGE step and will allow them to attend all the church meetings every Sunday as a family. Nicolas´s dad is still in prison along with 2 others in the family, but the progress of everyone makes me think that there are even more people in the family that will progress! Nicolas is really a source of hope in the family. He is the chance for redemption in the family after all they've gone through and he´s so excited for when he turns 12 and can pass the sacrament. With the support he has now I know that it's very possible he´ll be serving a mission in 8 or so years. The baptism went super well too. Elder C had to do it twice, which Nicolas thought was awesome. After his baptism one of his primary friends shared his experience of his baptism with everyone and he was so powerful, he even started to cry a little. 
Nicolas and Elder C
Nicolas and his primary friends

In other news we decided to truly apply the D&C 42:8 exhortation to share with everyone who will receive us. We shared with a LOT of Haitians this week and 8 of them came to church this week which was super cool. One of them was the relief society president in Haiti and the rest aren't members. The language is a challenge with them, but we met some that speak super well in Spanish. My companion and I also began learning French but it's way hard
That was my week, I'm looking forward to all the opportunities that await us this week!!!


Elder Birrell

Thank you for all the birthday emails!!
Birthday barbecue and cupcake
Birthday party with Jacob and his family

Celebrating the 4th of July

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