Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Priesthood blessing

This was from our hike a few weeks ago to Los Andes
This week was good and we were able to teach lots of people. Remember the family that recently moved here and has a granddaughter that has health issues? Well the granddaughter has been in the hospital for a week and a half now (much more time than the doctors thought she'd have left) and many nights they've been told she wouldn't make it to see the sun go up. It`s crazy to see how hard this little baby is fighting to stay with her amazing family here. We were able to go on Thursday to give a blessing to the baby and it was a special experience. I got to give the second part of the blessing and I could feel the words coming out of my mouth weren't my own. As we held her hand there in the hospital it was a moving experience. Doctors said she was almost dead but I could feel so much life in her. It`s amazing how this has once again brought this family together.

That same day we also got to attend the wedding of two of the members in the ward. It was evident the relief they felt after the ceremony since they had been living together for about a year, but they are also looking forward with excitement to being sealed in the temple. 

The investigators in general are doing really well and have so much potential to progress and be baptized. Changes (transfers) are in a week and I hope I stay here. I feel like my work here isn't done and I certainly hope it isn't.


Elder Birrell

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