Monday, July 25, 2016

July 16, 2016 - Decide to be ALL IN

Reuniting with Elders from the MTC
This week was really good. It was awesome to see all the support we've gotten in working with the Haitians. The ward members had only met the Haitians once when they attended church last week, but we had a bunch of people bring us clothes and other stuff to give to them. Also on Friday the Bishop and the Relief Society President had interviews with some of them and they both had eye opening experiences seeing their poverty and all they've been through. The ward seems to be rallying around them and helping them to find work and whatever else they need, it's really cool.

This week in working with people that are trying to come back to being active in the church it`s been a powerful reminder to me of the convert Lamanites in the Book of Mormon (the Anti-Nefi-Lehies if I remember correctly) burying their swords deep into the ground. Each person has their own distinct and personal story, but each one is finding that they can't be half in half out. Now is the time to bury all the swords in the ground and decide to be all in.

Also two more people were baptized in Rosende on Sunday (people I worked extensively with) which is so awesome to see. Shout out to Juan and Pedro congratulations!!!

Have a great week!


Elder Birrell
Elder Simmons (Assistant) we were in the same District for a while, super great guy. Mostly blind.

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