Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Be Diligent - you will always find a better day

We hiked Cerro Renca on P-day
This week has been a good one!!!! We worked hard and have continued trying to find more people to teach and we've kept helping the people we already know as well. Jacob and his family went to church this Sunday and they loved it! The kids are going to dance with the ward for the Independence Day activity! During the Gospel Principles class Jacob started reading the book we use and I'll bet he probably read half the book by the end of the class and he really liked it. They're even sharing the gospel with other people which is awesome.

We also had moments this week when we had plans and appointments with a ton of people and everything just seemed to go wrong and everyone's cellphone seemed to be turned off. Today I complete 8 months in the mission and while I'm still not a veteran here, I've been here long enough to know that those who are diligent will always find a better day. Another investigator that was about to get baptized moved recently too, so we're just trying to share the gospel with as many people as possible.

The grandparents of Nicolas (the kid who got baptized recently) have a son who found out he may be serving up to 15 years in Jail (He's 21 years old) so please keep them in your prayers.

One thing that I tried to make a focus of recently is to have members with us in lessons. It just makes the teaching so much more powerful. Sometimes it's hard to believe what two young Americans are saying enough to act on the message and read, pray, come to church, keep the commandments etc., but with a living breathing proof of what we are saying it's so much easier for the investigators to see the potential blessings of the restored gospel.

Have an awesome week!

Elder Birrell

Hiking Cerro Renca with Elder Langston
A few weeks ago I was helping a member clean his attic, when I lost my balance and fell through the ceiling.
 Here is the hole I made!!
Playing soccer on P-day with Elder Langston
With Elder Fortuna
Camilo the kid who lives right next to us and his dog Toby.
Elder Langston is really good at darts. ;)

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