Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I Fell Through the Ceiling!!

Training is actually a lot of fun, it really is like having the opportunity to start the mission over again, but with the experience of 7 months doing all this. We´re doing really well and we hope to find a lot of success within these two changes.

So this week was super good! First: a story.
So yesterday we were doing a service at a member´s house. We were cleaning out his attic, organizing and then putting some things back up there. So as we were putting stuff back up in the attic I went up to organize the stuff up there. As I was starting to make my way back down I started falling and before I knew it I had fallen through the ceiling and into their bathroom :O Fortunately no one was hurt but that definitely woke me up haha

On Saturday the other Elders in our ward had a baptism and it was really cool. He's a really cool person.  He was actually going to be baptized on the 31st of August, but he had a stroke on that Thursday before and was hospitalized.  The day he got out of the hospital he came to church and the the Elders talked to him about maybe getting baptized at the end of the month and he said, "No, I'm getting baptized this Saturday. I know this is true and I can't wait until the end of the month". It was really cool to see how much he had changed since the end of May when the missionaries started working with him. 

Finally, a thought I had this week. So in our mission we have cleaning inspections every change and the person that´s in charge of the cleaning checks makes it pretty difficult to get a high score on it, the cleaning checks are also surprises so you never know exactly when it's going to happen. My first two changes they were done usually toward the end of the change for our house. As I left my first sector the person in charge told me that they were going to do it on the 3rd week of every change from now on but in my head I guess I kinda doubted it. Sure enough the 3rd week came and our house got checked-the house wasn't dirty, but it has to be really perfect to get a good grade. Next change I decided I would be ready so I had the house really clean entering the 3rd week, but after the week was almost over I figured they just wouldn't be doing cleaning checks this 3rd week for whatever reason and I started getting lazy toward the end of the week. Sure enough, the inspection came at the last possible moment of the week and we got another bad score. We are now in the 3rd week of this change and we already decided that it doesn't matter when they're coming over, we´re going to get the perfect grade on the house. Why do I share this?

I was thinking about the scripture that says wickedness never was happiness.
Sometimes we are easily deceived into thinking the other way around. We may think back on a past experience and think that "oh that didn't turn out too bad for me" or maybe we actually want to do the right thing but facing just a little bit of a trial in doing the right we justify a little bit of wickedness. 

The inspection was always going to be the third week. It didn't matter what had happened in the past or how late in the week it was, it was always going to happen.
Wickedness never was happiness. We can either be like me and need 3 changes to figure this out, or we can choose righteousness now.

Have a great week!!!!!


Elder Birrell

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  1. Hi Kathy, we loved Elder Birrell's letter this week. So glad he was not injured falling through the roof!!! Would you like to see the pics Samuel sent and read his letter? If you would like me to share those could you email me at tracylangston1 at gmail?