Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Training a New Missionary

First of all my kid is awesome! (Elder Birrell is training a new missionary. His companion just finished 6 weeks of language training in Santiago and is now serving with Elder Birrell in Galvarino) His name is Elder Langston and he's from Mesa Arizona. He speaks well enough that we talk in Spanish all day in the streets, but the Chileans still make his head spin every once in a while. He absorbs everything (not quite as much as Elder Calhoun in the Best Two Years) but he's always writing things down as he learns them. He played baseball in high school so it's been good to nerd out over baseball and other sports haha. I can tell we're going to have a really great 2 changes together (Each change lasts 6 weeks).

As far as the sector-

Jacob gave his testimony in sacrament meeting about the things that have happened with Alice and it was awesome! The whole ward immediately came to us wanting to go visit them with us it was so amazing. HIs testimony was so pure and so honest. He didn't even know testimony meetings existed, but he wanted an opportunity to talk about the things that happened and he did! Jacob hasn't been to church for 17 years and that was when his wife was baptized. We're so excited for that family.
The Haitians are doing awesome and going to church every week! Every week we find more awesome people to teach, we're so excited. Elizabeth (wife of Jacob) actually has been being a missionary herself and introduced the gospel to her neighbor and we talked to her yesterday and we'll start working with them too. It's been a good week and I hope the next one's just as good!


Elder Birrell


  1. Hi Kathy thanks for posting this! What a great blog! This is Tracy Langston, Elder Langston's mom. We love reading about Elder Birrell and what has been going on in the area before our son arrived. Thanks for raising such a great son and we are so grateful our prayers have been answered that Samuel would have a great trainer! :-)

    1. We are so excited for them to work together!! It wasn't that long ago that Seth was the trainee, but he was trained well and he loves being a missionary. Seth will take great care of Elder Langston!! They will work hard and have a great time along the way. It's so hard sending off a missionary. Big hugs to you as you adjust to being a missionary mom!! Tuesdays are the best day of the week. :)

    2. Thanks Kathy! I appreciate your kind words and the hugs too. It means a lot!! :'-)