Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Missionary Work takes Patience

Well my week was good! Frustrating at times, but overall really good. We certainly don't lack people to teach, but at times it`s hard to help them to progress. A vital part of helping people to come unto Christ is to leave with them commitments-which could be anywhere from praying to coming to church. We could teach someone all day long but if they don't act on the message then if won 't have any effect. As of Saturday night we had 15 people committed to coming to church on Sunday, in fact we went to a few of their houses to bring them with us. Only 2 made it. 3 others came after the first meeting, but at times it is frustrating especially since I know that they will be so much happy if they just keep their word and do what they said they would do. I understand change is hard which keeps me from getting too discouraged, I know with time these people will realize that these commitments are just for their own benefit in every possible way. 

Jacob (Aguilar) and his family are doing really well. He, one daughter, and a neighbor girl all came to church late, but I can tell he really does want to get baptized. He and his family are working toward a date to get baptized but he still says there's a war in his head. For so much time he was far from God and I think he almost feels unworthy of this second chance. I have 100% faith that he and his family will be ready when the date comes. His 9 year old daughter, Leo, is SO smart. She always does the Book of Mormon reading assignments and understands everything. Also the baby, Alice, is doing really well.

Also some potential bad news with Nicolas. His mom wants him to live with her now and she has every legal right to take him. The problem is that she is often on drugs or selling drugs and everyone in the house does the same. Please pray for Nico so he can be watched over and hopefully be able to atleast keep coming to church with his grandparents.

Here are a few answers to your questions, mom. I haven't really had many scary experiences to be honest, usually the "scary" people are too drunk to even walk so it's not dangerous. Also the weirdest thing I`ve eaten is cow stomach (Watitas). 

Have a great week!

Elder Birrell

This was the sign on my door when I arrived at the MTC 8 months ago. 

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