Saturday, September 17, 2016

Sept. 13, 2016- Six more weeks!!

This week was a really good one, especially with the news that we´ll be staying here for another change together (six more weeks!). This change could be a really special one and we´ll do everything in our power to make that happen. 

On Thursday our zone won a day to basically hang out with our zone and with our mission president and wife for like 5 hours. We played basketball, volleyball, ping pong, and ate hamburgers and completos (hot dogs but better). 

Then on Saturday we had a birthday party for baby Alice. They didn't really celebrate her one year birthday so they celebrated the day that she would've been born if it had been a normal pregnancy. They invited a bunch of family members and us. It was amazing to see all the love that family has for Alice, really a special moment. 

On Sunday we couldn't even really work a whole lot because its the day people riot during the night so we had to go to the house early. 

Also, one of the Elders that´s become one of my better friends out here is Elder Johnson who´s been my zone leader for the last 3 changes. On Friday he called us to let us know he´d be leaving and we were all pretty bummed. We assumed he´d just be a zone leader somewhere else, in fact he told us what zone he was going to but I guess I forgot that´s the zone that the assistants were in. 

Yesterday we found out he`s the next assistant to the President. He still has 7 changes left in the mission which is crazy that he was made assistant so young, but it makes me feel old to be friends with the assistant haha.

The struggle continues trying to get people to keep their commitments, but we´ve also seen some people keep their commitments and it's amazing to see their progress. We`re really hoping to have a super successful (possibly) last change together here in Galvarino.

For now we´ll just do everything in our power to bring souls unto Christ.

Short thought
I was thinking about the two thousand stripling warriors in the Book of Mormon. Obviously we remember them for their strength and because not one of them died in battle and all of this is so true. I think most of us want to be like them in that respect.
We sometimes forget two things- they had a lot of help, and all of them were wounded. In our search to become better, to be more valiant, to be stronger in all aspects of life we need to remember that. Sometimes we need help, that´s ok. Everyone needs this help and the ones who become great are the ones that took advice along the way. We will also all be wounded along the way. Even for these amazing warriors they were all wounded. Everyone is struggling with something, even the great ones.

I have a bunch of photos that´ll send when I can. I also went to the zoo today so there's even more photos.


Elder Birrell

At the zoo in Santiago

Elder Birrell didn't explain why he's wearing this shirt. He looks confused about it too!

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