Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sept. 20, 2016- Zone Activity with President V

Elder Birrell with his mission president and Elder Langston
Here's an explanation of the pictures I sent last week. The picture where I'm wearing the striped shirt is because there was  a huge ward activity and the bishop needed my white shirt for a dance he was in so we traded shirts for like 10 minutes hahaha.

The picture of the Chilean flag was because this weekend was the Chilean independence day (i say weekend because the celebration literally lasts a weekend) and there's a law in Chile that says that everyone has to have a flag up on the 18th at least and so it ends up looking really cool with everyone waving their flags.That picture was the flag on our house!
Some of my favorite scriptures. I encourage you to read them!
The chapel in Galverino
As far as our investigators: we have a lot of them now and we've consistently found 7 new investigators every week- some have no real desire to progress but some for sure do. The problem really is helping them to progress. Especially Jacob right now, he`s always saying the right things, but something is wrong. They didn't come to church on Sunday, but we`ll see. I made him a reading chart of like 12 or so of my favorite chapters/sections of the Book of Mormon with my testimony on the back so hopefully that helps. I still feel very strongly that they`ll be baptized but for some reason they need an extra push right now. We have another investigator that will be baptized pretty soon and another one that most likely will be baptized the next day and then a couple more are set for the end of this change (the 23rd of Oct). There should be many more to be baptized the following change. The one that we really just don't know for this change is Jacob and his family. Fast for them and I`ll do the same. I know he wants to but he`s afraid of something even he doesn't know what it is.

Yesterday we saw a bunch of guys more or less our age playing basketball and we asked if we could play with them a bit. We played a solid game with them and afterward got into a gospel conversation with them and it was really cool to see how people`s reactions change when they realize we are actually normal humans too. They all expressed a desire to learn more and to go to church.

I think that`s been the key to finding people recently for us. We show we`re humans and we show that this gospel is something that really affects us, it changes us and we know that it can make us all better and happier if we let it.


Elder Birrell

Celebrating Alice's 1st birthday
With Jacob at Alice's birthday party
At the zoo on P-day
Elder Birrell with his greenie. :)
Two cougars. Go BYU!
At a zone activity in Santiago
They have a pool!

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