Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Two Baptisms!!

Elder Birrell, Jesùs, Elder Langston

This week was awesome capped off by two baptisms on Sunday. I`ll tell you the story of each.

Jesùs is the Chilean that was baptized. He started taking the missionary discussions about 2 years ago because his wife Katalina is a member but he never felt ready, he didn't go to church very much, and he never stopped drinking and smoking. The missionaries had stopped going by for a while then we found his registro (don't know what that's called in English) and passed by and he seemed receptive. The next time we passed by he told us that his daughter had a health problem that made it so he couldn't smoke anymore. That was kind of a turning point for him and he was going to get baptized a couple months ago but then broke his arm 5 days before his baptismal date. That might have been the best thing that happened to him. From then on he changed little by little into a person I could see going to the Temple with his wife someday. It´s been awesome seeing the change in Jesús and how happy this change has made his wife and their family.

Elder Birrell, Luckenson, Elder Langston
Luckenson is a Haitian we found 2-3 months ago. He´s completely alone here in Chile without any family.  He was an accountant in Haiti but he`s had a lot of trouble finding any work here in Chile. He`s really smart and he`s always happy and really wants to do what God wants him to do. He always comes to church and for him that´s been a huge help for him making the decision to be baptized. His change hasn't been as drastic but he`s certainly changed his life little by little. There´s a special light about him now.

Have a wonderful week.


Elder Birrell

Baptism for Jesùs and Luckenson

I got a bloody nose right before the baptism

Our house
The view from our house

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