Monday, December 5, 2016

Nov 29, 2016- Brushing up on my French Creole

Our Halloween Pumpkin

Well, this change is already coming to a close as we head into the last week. We worked hard, harder than I ever have in my whole mission. It’s not easy to change a sector, nor to change the culture of mission work in a ward, but we used every moment we had to do just that. I imagine that I’ll be staying here and Elder Ortiz will be leaving, but we’ll see. I’d be down for another change with Elder Ortiz, we work well together and we’re both willing to do the little things in order to be successful.

The investigators overall are doing well and the number of them grows with every week. Some of them will hopefully be getting baptized soon and others continue to progress little by little.

The member missionary of the week award this week goes to Fritznel or Fritz, the only Haitian member of the ward. He’s super cool, and even though he uses the “vosotros” form instead of “ustedes” he’s trying really hard to learn Spanish. Recently his cousin, Evans, and his friend, Alexis, moved in with him and he really wants them to have the gospel in their lives too, so we’re working with them. My time in Galvarino is saving me since they don’t speak very well in Spanish, so I get to pull out my limited knowledge of French Creole. On Saturday night we had a Haitian style barbeque and it was delicious.

I know the Lord is blessing us for our efforts, even if it isn’t always the way we expect.

Have a great week!!

Elder Birrell

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