Friday, January 20, 2017

Jan 10, 2017- TEN investigators came to church!

This week we saw the hand of God in the work and many blessings. We had our difficult days, but overall it was a wonderful week.

We were blessed to have 10 investigators at church on Sunday, so I’ll explain a little bit about each one.

Graciela- She’s the one we found after 5 weeks of not visiting her. I felt something special the first time we talked to her and I think there’s a great chance she progresses. We hardly got to talk to her during/after church because the members did such a great job explaining things to her and being her friend. Things are looking great.

De La Cruz family- We found them when I was with Elder Ortiz as well. We were contacting one night and it was the last contact of the night. A mom opened the door, saw us, and immediately tried to hide herself. Her husband (who clearly had too much to drink that night) came out to talk to us. He told us he used to be Mormon, but now was Atheist. He then said his son Andrew wants to be Mormon. He had obviously forgotten almost everything about the church. We started sharing with them and this Sunday the whole family came to church. We’ve seen the faith of the dad grow immensely and it’s a miracle just to have the mom in the church. They have 3 kids, two of which want to get baptized, but we’re focusing our efforts on helping the mom. The dad is Peruvian, his son is Peruvian, the mom in Chilean and has a Chilean daughter, and together they have a Peruvian-Chilean son.

Evans- He’s the cousin of a Haitian member- Fritznel. We haven’t been able to teach him much because he’d been in the hospital for a while because he almost completely cut his right hand off in a work accident. It’s a super tough situation, especially since he can’t work for some months and that’s mainly why he’s in Chile. Despite the circumstances, he’s always smiling and his desire to be baptized has grown. He’s a good guy and has a lot of faith in Jesus Christ.
Hector and Isabel- They’re the Peruvians that live in the house of members. They’re doing well, they’re pretty much coming to church every week and they always love it. Hector is further along than Isabel at this point, but they’re doing well. Hector is in 2 Nephi 7 in his personal reading now and he’s loving it. The problem: they don’t want to get married. After an extensive conversation last night, we realized this wasn’t a matter of money, nor wanting to get married in Peru. It’s a far more delicate matter of trust and forgiveness. The only thing that can fix this is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Guanilo family- A family we found the first day of this change (a day before Elder Dussan got here). They are also Peruvians. The mom and dad are members (they were baptized 8 years ago) but have been inactive for a few years now. They also have a son named Brad (11 years old) and Brad is a super smart kid. In Chile if you get the best grade of the class you win a computer and Brad won the computer this year. They want to come back to church, but it’s been hard to get them to just do it. After a really spiritual lesson (more of an interactive discussion) on the life of the Savior, they finally made the decision to do it. Now we’re getting Brad ready for baptism. Awesome family.

Adolphe- Another friend of Fritznel, we found him like 2 weeks ago. He speaks Spanish super well and has lots of faith in Jesus Christ. He shared with us an experience in Haiti during an earthquake (2010 I think). Basically the streets were absolutely filled with dead or wounded people, and he felt an impression to stay where he was standing. He came out of the natural disaster unharmed and for years he’s wondered why- what’s the purpose of him still living. He said he’s yet to find the answer, but we know the answer lies within the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We’re all good here in Dorsal!!


Elder Birrell

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