Friday, January 27, 2017

Jan 24, 2017- Kindness

So one experience that impacted us the week was teaching a lady we first met when I was companions with Elder Ortiz, but we kind of lost contact. How we initially met was she was lifting some rocks over her fence. We offered our help and she gladly accepted. It probably took us 5 seconds to do, but she immediately ran into her house to get us ice cold water and some cookies. She said that any weekend day we would always be invited to come to her house to share a message about Jesus. 

On a few other occasions we've come to her house in a moment that she wasn't able to receive us but ran into her house to look for something to gift us.

This weekend we finally found her again and finally we were able to share with her. We asked her if she was just born this nice, or how she began to treat people with such kindness. She said she used to only think of herself, she got mad at people easily, she described herself as a cold person. Then she gave birth to a son that has autism and her perspective completely changed. Having her son and raising him helped her to see the reality of things, it gave her a perspective of who we really are as human beings. She began to believe far more in God.

Just from her example, I think we both started being a little bit more generous to everyone well met, it was really cool, something that happened without me and my companion even talking about it.

Have a great week!! 

Elder Birrell

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