Friday, February 17, 2017

Feb. 14, 2017- The Plan of Salvation

Elder Dussan and Elder Birrell enjoying Columbian food!

First, I’d like to express my gratitude, not just for the chance to serve a mission, but for the chance to serve 2 years. There’s an Elder in our district that’s serving for just 6 weeks due to some special circumstances and by being with him on Thursday this past week I realized that’s just not enough. I know that 2-year full time mission service is inspired of God.

Two experiences this week stood out to me more than the rest.

A week ago today, a house completely burned down just 5 minutes from our house. The first person on the scene trying to put the fire out, even before the fire department got there, was (not surprising to us) our investigator Jaime. Jaime is one of the humblest people I’ve ever known and in every sense of the word. He doesn’t have anything of material worth, nor anyone to help him raise his three kids, but he somehow is always serving someone in some way. Despite the fact he doesn’t have anything material, he doesn’t ever complain, nor does he really want anything for himself. In fact, when we first taught him about prayer, he initially didn’t want to do it because he didn’t want to ask for anything. He finally accepted our invitation to pray when we helped him realize he could pray for other people (especially his 3 kids). Jaime is a special person and an excellent example of truly selfless service.

The other experience comes from just a couple days ago. We came across a woman super prepared to listen to our message. She told us that she used to not believe in God, but then her brother died. In a dream so vivid, you could almost call a vision, her brother came to her and began to explain to her what we know as the plan of salvation. She explained to us with detail what was explained to her about the pre-earth life, the need of a body, the plan of God, the veil, the purpose(s) of life here on earth, the spirit world, the judgement, the nature of the resurrection, and the kingdoms of glory. With detail she described to us completely correct doctrine concerning the plan of salvation. We were both sitting there, trying not to look like fools with our jaws dropped. She had never talked to missionaries before, and the version she gave of the plan of salvation is unique only to our church. It was another testimony to the reality and truthfulness of this plan. It’s not just something we talk about and teach, it’s real and through it we can discover purpose in everything I’ve come to understand that God’s ways truly are higher than my ways and I trust Him. I still have a lot to learn but I know this trust will continue bringing me deep understanding of His perfect plan.

Have a great week!!


Elder Birrell

With Elder Langston and Elder Dussan
 (Seth trained both of these missionaries)
Elder Langston and Elder Birrell back together

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