Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The gospel is perfect

P-day with the Assistants to the President
Family!! Another good week here in Dorsal, no complaints, really. Pretty much everyone is either on vacation, or will soon be on vacation, so that’s a bit of a struggle. Overall, everyone’s good here, we have lots of cool investigators and they’re all progressing little by little. Sometimes we can get frustrated when the progress doesn’t happen right away, but we’re trying to just do our part and trust in the Lord.

Nancy, the less active member I talked about last week, officially decided she is coming back. We passed by for her and her family and she said with a smile “I’ve made my decision; I’m coming back to church. No matter how hard it is I’m coming back.” She then described the miracles she had seen in the time between those two visits. I felt the power of the Lord’s promise in providing the way for us to obey His commandments. We were excited when we saw her walk in church on Sunday.

I’ll write more next week, but this week I’ll finish with a thought. The gospel is the only real and lasting solution to all of life’s problems and the only solution that can last for generations. I’ve just come to realize that it’s just perfect, there is nothing that can really compare to faithfully living the gospel. There’s no joy, hope and peace like that found in the gospel and there’s no greater service we can do to ourselves, our family, friends, posterity, and society than to live the gospel. The gospel is perfect!

Have a wonderful week!!

 View of Santiago
Elder Birrell and his companion Elder Dussan
Old District
New District

Elder Kelsey (former companion)


  1. I really can feel the power in that. Thanks for brightening my day. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. I could feel the spirit in Seth's testimony too! I told Seth about your comment. It made him really happy. Thanks for reading his letters Mitch!!