Monday, March 6, 2017

Feb. 21, 2017- Go above and beyond

Elder Dussan and Elder Birrell 
So, now we’re in the last week of the change, I’m hoping it’s not the last one we have here. We’re working with a lot of really cool people and neither of us feel like our work here is finished. Some members are in contact with Graciela who is in Peru until the end of February and it appears she’s going to church every week with her returned missionary cousins and she’s reading everyday according to the calendar we made her.

Nicolas is another super cool investigator we’re working with. His girlfriend’s parents are the High Priest 1st counselor and the Relief Society President and he’s loving his experience with the gospel and they have plans to get married (hopefully) soon. The De La Cruz family should be choosing their own baptismal date tonight and they’ve been doing well overall.

Nestor is an investigator we found just a couple of weeks ago, and like Graciela, he’s almost too prepared for the message. Evans just got back from Haiti today and the Bravo family has come to church 7 weeks in a row now, but still doesn’t feel ready to get married. There are more people that we could see getting baptized this next change, so we are anxiously awaiting the calls for changes this weekend.

This Sunday it was incredible to see the progress of a teenager from the ward named Isaias. For the past month he’s shown up early to church with a suit and bowtie and has stayed until the very end. He’s gone to every activity possible and on Sunday he was ordained to the office of priest. This is the same kid that hadn’t been to church in years even though he lives about a minute from the church (walking) and his parents and older brother are all active in presidencies of organization of the church.

A few months ago a returned missionary in the ward (Jose Leal) decided he would pass by his house every Sunday before church and before every activity. Even though he had good intentions and did it in a loving manner, Isaias responded with a consistent NO. The perseverance of this leader has helped me understand more the D&C declaration- “Men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause… And inasmuch as men do good, they shall in no wise lose their reward.”

His initiative to go above and beyond, and to continue even after months of rejection, finally has brought fruits. Even if we don’t see the fruits of our hard and diligent work right now, we can continue forward with hope and the Lord’s promise that the reward will not be lost.

I hope this week we can all go forward with extra determination to do good, to go above and beyond recognizing that the Lord’s promises are always fulfilled.

Talk to you next week from an undetermined location.


Elder Birrell

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