Thursday, March 23, 2017

March 14, 2017- Baptisms in Lampa and Dorsal!

My comp Elder Heaps,  Matias and Vicente
Hola mi querida familia!! Well this week did have some troubles along the way, but it ended super well so I’m not gonna complain. On Sunday we were able to have 2 baptisms here in Lampa, two brothers – Matias and Vicente. And I was excited to hear that in Dorsal, (my last area) Graciela was baptized!

The parents of Matias and Vicente are members of the church. Their mom served as the Relief Society President in the past and their dad had worked in the Young Men’s presidency. Just over a month ago the two brothers began to express a desire to come back to church and after coming to church just once also expressed the desire to be baptized. Ever since they’ve come back to church, they’ve been two of the most active and involved young men in the branch. Everyone was shocked to find out they weren’t already members.
Baptism of Matias and Vicente
It was amazing to see the example kids can set for their parents. The parents had been wanting to come back for a while now, but excuses and self-doubt impeded them from making the firm decision to come back. It took the pure Christ-like desire of their kids to help them become active in the church once again. Super cool baptism.

I was almost even more excited about the baptism Elder Dussan and his new companion had in Dorsal this weekend. The cool thing about Graciela is I felt ever since the first contact that she was going to be baptized. A lot of time passed between the first contact and our first lesson with her, but as we began teaching her it became even more obvious that she would be baptized. The spirit was so strong in every lesson we taught her, which in part is thanks to the fact that literally every lesson we ever taught her was in the home of faithful, devoted latter-day saints. I think another great factor in her conversion was how she would take seriously the homework we’d give her. We gave her a calendar of scripture passages for every day of her vacation and she did it every day. While she was in Peru, she also went to church every Sunday with her returned missionary cousins.
Baptism of Graciela in Dorsal with Elder Dussan 
Given how fast her testimony has grown and her age (she turns 19 in May) I wouldn’t be all that surprised if she serves a mission in the coming years.

There was a new missionary in the zone that wanted to go back home super bad, but we were able to help him stay in the mission. A super good kid, just needed to get his head in the right place, he’ll be a great missionary.

It was another solid week here in Lampa, working hard and seeing results. Also shout outs to both my kids in the mission (Langston and Dussan) for baptizing this week. They’re both excellent missionaries.

Have a great week.

Elder Birrell
Zone leader lunch with President Videla

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