Monday, April 24, 2017

Inez's Baptism

Inez's Baptism
I'm writing a day early because I won't have p-day tomorrow because of zone conference. I don't have much time to write, but I want to tell you about Inez.


So this week the exciting news is the baptism of Inez Gutierrez. She is the definition of someone truly prepared to hear the gospel. She bounced around churches her whole life but never really found one that she liked. It’s never diminished her faith in Jesus Christ. Some time ago missionaries shared with her but they never passed by her house again. A month ago she saw the missionaries and she asked them to teach her. They taught her a few times and kept every single one of her commitments. She read, she prayed sincerely, she went to church. When we got here all we had to do was ask a few simple questions to realize she had a strong growing testimony of Jesus Christ and of his restored church and we committed her to be baptized for 9 days later (yesterday) Inez is truly a special person prepared by God to receive this message. I have no doubt in my mind she`ll endure in this Gospel, she is a fantastic example of true conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Have a great week.


Elder Birrell

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