Wednesday, May 3, 2017

May 2, 2017- A week full of Zone Conferences

So this week was an exciting one. To give you an idea how much we were in our sector we literally only ate lunch in our sector one time this past week (Sunday). We had a mini p-day on Monday, a Zone Conference on Tuesday, I don’t remember what happened on Wednesday, a Zone Conference on Thursday, another one on Friday, an emergency trip to the CCM (Missionary Training Center) on Saturday and finally a normal Sunday. Honestly that’s been the hardest part of this assignment, but we’re trying to evaluate our efforts in this sector and I know we can do more, even given the time constraints.

The Zone Conferences went super well. The first was with Zapadores (our zone), Conchali, and Independencia. We got a little lost on the way, but in the end it was a great conference. Then on Thursday we had a Zone Conference in Colina. It was awesome to be back in my old zone. The zone is doing super well and Lampa continues to kill it with two more baptisms this past Sunday. Finally, on Friday we had the Zone Conference of Los Andes. I think that was probably the best Zone Conference so far-great participation, it wasn’t too long, plus the drive out there was full of beautiful views.

Our class was about baptism, and focused on the baptismal service. It’s kind of funny thinking about all the baptismal services in my mission because of all the things that have gone wrong, between bloody noses on my part and city-wide water cuts. Still those services were all spiritual and special in their own way. I’ve learned a lot from being present in all the conferences and from being able to teach and participate in that way.

Another thing I’ve had the chance to do is work closely with Presidente and Hermana Videla. The closer I work with them, the more I realize how incredible they both are and how well they represent the Savior. They’ve done a lot for the mission in so many ways and the mission is improving every month. Last year (2016) the mission had 15 baptisms in April. The April the mission had 53 baptisms. I think the mission’s getting ready to explode when Presidente Messervy gets here.

Here’s the scripture for the week. Omni 26
“Come unto him and offer your whole souls as an offering unto him”.

Have a great week!


Elder Birrell

P.S. We had a strong earthquake last week. We were on the third floor and definitely felt it! But all is well, no one was injured and we are getting used to them happening often here in Chile.

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