Tuesday, June 13, 2017

June 6, 2017- P-day Fail

Our lunch today! It's called Chorrillana
Today we had to renew our legal papers here in Chile so that´s what we did. We had to get to the office at like 9am and by 9:30am we were waiting in line until about 10:45, where we got our ticket with a number. Mine was I-322 and they were on I-100 so we went to go get something to eat and we came back and they were on I-168 more or less so we went to go buy some shoes for my comp and I had to charge my bus card "Bip” is what it’s called. After charging the Bip they always give you a receipt with your balance. So I went to throw that receipt away and after that I felt my pockets to see if there was anything else to throw away and I found another Bip receipt which I also threw away. "Weird", I thought, I didn’t remember charging twice in one day. So it’s about 2 o clock now and our numbers are almost up. I check my pockets to find the ticket with my number and....... oh wait... I didn’t charge my Bip twice. The first "receipt" I tossed was the ticket. They had already closed the counter so there was nothing I could do.... Oh well, I´ll be an illegal immigrant for a few days no big deal. By Friday everything should be taken care of (hopefully).

So that was our pday. After this we have more office stuff. 

Inés Gutiérrez is our convert that was baptized about a month and a half ago. This week she shared with us a little more of her story since her baptism. Since she was baptized and confirmed and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints she has faced rejection within her family. Her daughters, some cousins and others no longer accept her. It was impressive to see the courage she had and has as she testify to us of the truthfulness of this Church. She said "I hope they open their hearts, I really do, but I´ve been so blessed since I began investigating that I will never go back, I will only be stronger. I was so lonely before, I just felt kind of empty inside, but something warm has filled my life and my home and that’s something I just can’t lose". I’m so proud of Ines and for the amazing example she sets for me in this journey of discipleship. Her humility and strength are things that I greatly admire and I´m thankful for missionary work and the way it’s let me be a part of all these experiences, for the chance to see these lives change and continue changing despite the challenges. 

T minus 24 days until Presidente Meservy gets here. Time to get back to work.

Have a great week!

Elder Birrell

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