Tuesday, June 13, 2017

May 30, 2017- The Elguedas

The family we found through a reference. I made pancakes and my comp made something Brazilian. 
Well it was a crazy week, but we have every day scheduled out for the next 5 weeks and everyday will be like last week. There are changes in 2 more weeks to get ready for the new president, interviews with all the zones, zone conferences, and more. We will be away from 3-7pm so we'll need to find a higher level of efficiency in everything we do. It was cool to see how we were blessed at the end of the week to find a family super prepared to accept the restored gospel in their lives!

Our schedule for the next 5 weeks

This is the new adult missionary couple that just arrived in the mission, they are the Elguedas!!! They are Chilean, but lived in the US for 20 years. In this lunch they received their assignment which is to serve on La isla de Pascua (Easter Island). There will still be Elders there so there will be the four of them to work together to help this work of salvation on the island. They have set goals to bring the attendance to 50 people a week by the end of this year (it`s at 15 right now) and after meeting them I have no reason to doubt that they will do exactly that. I know they will work miracles in what they do there.
Elder and Hermana Elgueda
Luncheon with the senior missionaries
My shoes. The shoe repair guy told me I had to say goodbye to them- they are beyond repair. As a 17 month anniversary gift I chucked them. 

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