Tuesday, July 18, 2017

July 11, 2017- Getting lost in Los Andes

Two of our newest and youngest missionaries!! The Meservy boys.
Bienvenido a la mission, Presidente Meservy.

It was a crazy week filled with just about everything minus work in Vespucio. Let’s start on Tuesday. The 4th of July happened to be a p-day so my companion and I went to a barbeque hosted by the San Pablo zone where Elder Langston is right now. It wasn’t exactly like 4th of July in the states and we did get a heavy pour of rain, but the Aloha shirt saved the day. (All Seth wanted for his birthday was an Aloha shirt. His dad travels to Hawaii often for work and happened to be there a few weeks before Seth’s birthday, so he hooked him up!!)

Wednesday: Our cumpleanos. (Seth and his companion have the same birthday!) Not a bad birthday, but it happened to be the day we planned out the mission tour for President Meservy so we were in the office all day in order to get that all put together. On Thursday the tour began in Los Andes where the missionaries got together for a meeting, interviews, and to eat empanadas. After that, we had the goal to go to each house and chapel of the missionaries, but we got a little lost and ended up having to pay 5 unnecessary tolls and we ended up spending the night in a hotel in Los Andes. Kind of fun spending the night in a hotel, it reminded us quite a bit of swim meet trips, in fact it made me go a little crazy because I started smelling chlorine even though there was no pool anywhere close.

It was a long day in Los Andes

On Friday we woke up and did the tour of Colina and I went back to Lampa for the first time which was cool. This week we’re doing the same thing but for the 7 zones in Santiago so we are/will be pretty busy with all of that, but we are enjoying and learning a lot. The family of President Meservy has come with us everywhere so we’ve also been able to get to know them. The kids are J (13) and M (10) and while they both have energy; M is without a doubt the craziest/funniest one. Never in my mission have I spoken so much English as I have in these past days and my companion has never spoken so much English in his life. For us, the Meservys already feel like family and we’re so excited to continue working with them to bring Chile Santiago Norte to new heights.

Have a wonderful week!


Elder Birrell

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