Tuesday, July 18, 2017

July 4, 2017- Happy Birthday!!!

Happy 21st Birthday!! 
We’ll, these past 5 days have been great for us. On Friday we went to the airport bright and early to receive President Meservy and his family. Elder Santos and I went up a floor so we could spy ahead of time and be the first ones to see him. It took a long time, but we were like little kids waiting for their dad to come home when we finally saw him. They were obviously dead tired from the flight so we took their suitcases from the airport to their apartment and then we didn’t see them again until yesterday.

Yesterday we helped the family get to know this mission- the geography, the zones, the missionaries, the recent accomplishments, and what’s in the mind of the missionaries right now and moving forward. President is very capable but I kind’ve felt like we were drowning him with so much information, but in these coming weeks we’ll be helping them get to know the mission for real.

Thank you to everyone who emailed and sent birthday wishes. It was wonderful hearing from so many friends and family!!!

Elder Birrell

Happy Birthday- July 5th
Seth and his companion have the same birthday!!
Elder Langston and Elder Birrell
4th of July BBQ

The birthday boys!!

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